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Fiancée Visa
Spousal Visa
Fiancée Visa
1.  What are the qualifications for the fiancée (K-1) visa? (US)
2.  If my fiancée has children, can they come to the US with her?
3.  How much does it cost to file? (US)
4.  How long does it take? (US)
5.  What happens after we file? (US)
6.  Who can file the K-1 visa? (US)
7.  What is the period of time the K1 beneficiary need to be married when she received the visa? (US)
8.  How long is the valid for a period of time for the approved K1 visa petition? (US)
9.  What are the documents in K Visa Instruction Packet ("Packet 3")? (US)
10.  What are the documents in K-1/K-2 Appointment Packet ("Packet 4")? (US)
11.  What's the material needed? (UK)
12.  How long my visa application takes? (UK)
13.  What kind of form I should fill in? (UK)
14.  If I have been refused, how should I do? (UK)
15.  How to apply for a residence permit in Sweden?
16.  What is the terms of validity of the visa? (Australia)
17.  How to apply for a Residence Visa or Permit? (New Zealand)
18.  Where could I apply for my visa ? (Schengen States)
19.  Where could I apply for the long stay visa? (Belgium)
20.  Who can get the family reunion visa? (Germany)


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